Blackberry PRIV appears with a Marshmallow build [VIDEO]


Whoever put this thorough hands-on video of the Blackberry PRIV together is a lucky soul. Not because they have a Blackberry PRIV in their hands — the device has been out for quite some time.

Instead, it’s the software that’s seen running on the device this person has that gets us a tad jealous. They appear to be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow

blackberry priv devices

While there wasn’t much to be seen here that tips us off to Marshmallow. It looks  just like the Lollipop build from where we’re standing. That said, the hands in the video did take time to take us to the settings video to show the exact build — Android 6.0.1 — and even showed off the Marshmallow Easter Egg to prove it’s the real deal.

So, where is it, Blackberry? That’s the question many-a PRIV owner are likely asking themselves right now. Remember that Blackberry has more going on with their software than meets the eye. It may look rather close to stock Android, but they have all sorts of security things baked in, as well as a custom app drawer and unique things like a trackpad keyboard. The video’s above if you’re interested.

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