Google makes it super easy to embed Cardboard VR content on apps and websites


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The tech world is all about virtual reality devices and content these days. A VR device is only as good as the content you can consume with it, but sometimes it can be hard to find the best content. Google wants it to be easier for people to embed VR content on apps and websites.

A new change to the Google Cardboard SDK allows developers to add VR content to apps and websites with a simple line of code. The hope is that more developers will utilize VR content in their products, and consumers can use the Cardboard headset to get a more immersive experience. Imagine if you could take a 360-degree tour of an apartment right on a web page.

The blog post for the announcement has a great example of how this can work. Head on over to this page on your PC and you can pan around the underwater photo with your mouse. Visit the page on your mobile device and it gets more immersive. You can move your phone around to look around, pan with your finger, or tap the Cardboard icon to go full screen with a Cardboard viewer.

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