LG G5’s first TV ad implies the battery can be hot swapped [VIDEO]


LG has published their first TV ad for the LG G5. The ad doesn’t go into extreme detail about all you can do with the phone, but it does show a man enjoying some content on it after chucking a battery inside it.

The ad implies something interesting about the phone’s removable battery. It took not much longer than 1 second after inserting the battery for his phone to start working. This would seem to imply the LG G5’s battery can be hot swapped without any interruption in use.

But that’s not the case. This is TV, folks. They’re going to make the phone look as cool and crazy as possible, but they only had 15 seconds to do so and it most certainly won’t come close to what you see in the video above. And no, you’re not the only one who thinks that guy’s smile is creepy as hell.

lg g5 ad still

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