Obama says Google is bringing internet to Cubans


President Obama is on a historic trip to Cuba this week in efforts to improve America’s relationship with the country. POTUS — who is the first sitting president in 90 years to visit Cuba — had a lot to talk about, but he let loose on interesting detail about what we will be seeing in the future.

He revealed that Google is preparing to bring internet access to Cuba in a country where access is very limited. Only 5% of households in Cuba have internet, and it’s Google’s hope that will change with their efforts.

There are no details to go on at this time, but it’s likely Google will look to target the common populace in the country and offer affordable services to help more people get online. Cuba has already started an attempt to spread internet access in their country, but it’s proven to be rather expensive for most citizens to take advantage of. We’ll certainly be keeping an ear out to see what Google can do to help change that.

ABC via Engadget

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