Mar 18th, 2016

Rumors of Twitter upping the character limit for posts — currently at a very constrained 140 characters per tweet — have been whispered for months now. Things heated up back in January when reliable sources said Twitter might soon up the character limit to 10,000, giving users more than enough wriggle room to say what they need to say.

After appearing on TODAY, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shot down those claims (and our dreams in the process), saying that the 140-character limit is what Twitter is known for and they have no plans of getting rid of it. Major. Bummer.

Dorsey also spoke with hosts Carson Daly and Matt Lauer about how Twitter was developed, some of the more noteworthy moments in its history, and how celebrities like Donald Trump use Twitter “as a microphone at its best.” You may remember when Twitter removed the 140-character limit for DMs (direct messages) and it looks like that’s the best they’re going to do for us.


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