Shazam partners with Google Play Music for better integration in the Android app


Shazam Google Play Music bar

The Shazam app is receiving a new update today on Google that, aside from the usual bug fixes, is bringing heavier integration with Google Play Music. Now, after identifying a song in Shazam, a new results page is shown featuring a long white Google Play Music bar. The big white bar has buttons for listening, buying, or creating a radio station from the last song identified in Shazam (not necessarily the track you’re viewing).

Shazam is also offering a deal on Google Play Music All Access in which you can get a 3-month subscription for only $1. Of course, this also comes with YouTube Red, so you can stream videos on YouTube in the background, or without having to worry about annoying ads getting in the way.

Of course, Shazam still has integration with other popular music services — Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, to name a few — but those are now buried down below Google Play Music’s big white bar on Android. You can check out the new Shazam update via the link below.

Download on Google Play: Shazam


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