You can now use icons to personalize home and work locations in Google Maps


Google Maps icon labels

It’s not the most ground breaking app update we’ve seen, but if you spend a lot of time in Maps, Google is introducing a new way to personalize the places you visit most. Starting today, Google Maps on Android will let you customize both your home and/or work addresses with stickers, little icons representing different styles of buildings (even a shoe).

To get started, all you have to do is open the sidebar and select “Your places.” From there, find your home or work location and slide up the information card on Maps. Then select “Choose an icon” and you’ll be presented a handful of icons to choose from. We’re guessing this is just another way to get users to label their home/work locations so they can better enjoy the passive features of Google Maps and Now.

Google also reminds us you can label any location in Maps (although the new icons are only for home and work) and is probably a good idea for places you frequently visit. This way you can type in the place’s label (“Mike’s place,” for example), without having to remember the whole address. This will allow you to quickly pull up things like directions, traffic conditions, best routes and whatever else when you’re on the go.

Again, it’s not a huge update, but just a fun way to help make Maps more personal.

[Official Google Maps Blog]

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