Mar 17th, 2016

T-Mobile today revealed a list of new partners whose video services are supported under Binge On, the perk that allows T-Mobile customers to watch video from supported content providers with no hit on their data pools. YouTube was the biggest name on the list, which is sure to be a welcome sight for many Binge On fans.

YouTube’s arrival is notable due to the early struggles the two sides had early on. The company wasn’t happy that T-Mobile was throttling their content even when they weren’t supported, a fact which T-Mobile defended by reminding everyone that Binge On can be turned off at any time.

So, if the service isn’t going to go away (like many Net Neutrality proponents want) then you might as well do the small bit of work needed to support it for the users who want it. YouTube is joined by Redbull TV, Discovery Go and Fox Business, Baeble Music, ESNE TV, Google Play Music, and KlowdTV as other new additions today.

[via T-Mobile]

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