Google Photos update lets you rewind and fast forward videos (and also adds a very annoying bug)


One of the annoying things about Google Photos’ video support is that it wasn’t very good. Sure, you’re not supposed to have some feature-rich video experience in an app meant for photos, but when the video player doesn’t have basic things like fast forwarding and rewinding, we’d say someone made a pretty silly oversight somewhere.

Thankfully that changes in the latest update. The app adds buttons for rewinding and fast-forwarding video, with each button jumping you 10 seconds into their respective directions.

Unfortunately, the update adds more than just useful features, though — it has a pretty annoying bug that you’ll have to deal with until Google can get out a fix. Opening a photo and choosing to edit it will result in a crash if that photo is only in the cloud. You’ll need to download the file to your local storage in order to work around it (you may need to restart the app once you’ve downloaded it for it to show up properly), but this can be very annoying for people who choose not to have localized copies.

In any case, the update’s there, and if the bug doesn’t bother you be sure to download it from Google Play right here.

[via Android Police]

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