Marshmallow soak test for the OnePlus 2 appears to be underway (OxygenOS 3.0)


OnePlus 2 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OxygenOS 3.0

Earlier this month we saw OnePlus push out a software update for the OnePlus 2 that, among other things, brought RAW support to the camera app. Sadly, what the 2.2.1 didn‘t bring was an update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, something we’re sure came as a big disappoint to OnePlus users. But alas, OnePlus owners might not have to wait for too much longer for Marshmallow.

It appears OnePlus has already begun soak testing the Marshmallow update — also known as OxygenOS 3.0 — where at least one lucky user has already downloaded it to his device. We’re seeing a new wallpaper picker, alert slider, and other small UI tweaks. We’re expecting all the usual goodies from Marshmallow and according to the screen shot, March’s security patches as well.

No word on when we can expect a rollout, but pending any major issues or bugs, we don’t imagine it’ll be much longer.

[Android Police]

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