Samsung is using virtual reality to help people drop their fear of public speaking [VIDEO]


The sexy use for virtual reality is fun and games, with VR games and 360-degree videos currently spilling into the internet. But virtual reality has just as much value when it comes to providing education or being a vehicle for artistic creation.

Samsung is attempting to show us that with their #BeFearless movement. #BeFearless is their goal of developing virtual reality experiences that can help people overcome fears without actually being subject to the situations they’re afraid. Things like public speaking and a fear of heights can be helped by the experiences Samsung is offering.

samsung vr public speaking

Their apps will coach you on how to approach those situations, and they’ll let you try it out in the comfort of your own home. Speaking to a virtual audience for practice is better than doing it for the first time without any prior experience. Samsung even thinks it could help teachers who find it difficult to talk to large groups of students.

Although virtual reality has long been explored, it’s only in recent years that the technology is becoming accessible and powerful enough to help people improve their lives in real, meaningful ways. Kudos to Samsung for exploring that aspect of it.

[via Samsung]

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