Netflix adds a beta channel and then quickly pulls it


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Netflix is the latest app to add a beta channel in the Play Store. You can join the beta program to get features before everyone else. The first beta was released earlier today, but Netflix has already pulled it. Some testers had reported seeing a Data Saver feature (others have had this for a while). However, Netflix says they did not intend the beta to be used by consumers.

With so many popular apps having beta channels of their own (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), we weren’t surprised to see Netflix join the party. The Play Store makes it very easy for consumers to join beta programs and get updates over the air. Android enthusiasts love testing new features, but most people have no idea the beta program even exists.

Some people were able to join the beta program, but sign-ups have not been disabled. Would you join the Netflix beta program? What beta programs are you already testing?

[via TechCrunch]

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