OnePlus announces installment plans for purchases over $99


OnePlus has announced a new installment plan to make paying for orders easier. Folks shopping in the company’s US store can pay for any order over $99 in installments, so you won’t have to pay full price for a device upfront.

Aside from making it easier to get a device, OnePlus says their offer has an element that trumps anything any carrier has to offer: the true freedom to take your device wherever you want. They feel you should be able to get a smartphone in a manageable way without having to jump through the many hoops carriers have to maximize the dollars they earn on your business.

The company is partnering with Paypal Credit to make it happen, something that implies you may have to get credit approval before qualifying for an installment plan. If approved, you can choose a timeline — the initial one revealed was 18 months — and you’ll pay until it’s completed, or you can make a payment to take care of the rest of the bill whenever you want. You can take advantage of the plans starting today at the OnePlus store, so be sure to head over there and take advantage if you’re in the market.

[via OnePlus]

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