Google’s Project Fi cell service now invite free, offers Nexus 5X for only $200


Google Project Fi screen shots

It’s been a good 10 months since Google’s very own MVNO project launched and today, Project Fi is announcing a few new developments that are sure to entice Android enthusiasts. First off, Project Fi has officially dropped their invite system, meaning anyone can head on over to their site and get some schaweet cellar service operating on T-Mobile and Sprint’s networks.

Now for the big news: Google is offering $150-off the Nexus 5X 16GB with Project Fi service activation — officially bringing down the price to only $200. Google says you can either buy the phone on fi.google.com or the Google Store. If you purchase from Google Fi, the price reduction will be reflected during checkout. If you purchase from the Google Store, you’ll need to make sure you purchase the phone on the same Google account you’re going to be activating Fi service after which you’ll receive a partial refund for the discounted price. The deal is good for only 1 discounted Nexus 5X per account, while supplies last, and officially ends on April 7, 2016. Full details can be found here.

On average, Google says most people on Fi only use about 1.6GB of data (probably because the services uses WiFi calling whenever possible to route calls and data). With a $25 base price for unlimited calling/texting and $10 for every 1GB, that means most people are paying under $45 for their cell service (Google will simply charge you an extra $10 for anything above 1GB, minus data you didn’t use). Not too shabby.

[Official Android Blog]


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