This mini movie shot entirely with the Galaxy S7 is absolutely breathtaking [VIDEO]


This year we saw Samsung go all-in with the camera on the Galaxy S7. A combination of both solid hardware from Sony (the IMX260), and Samsung’s tried n’ true software, the Galaxy S7 is capable of producing some truly breathtaking shots. But it’s not just photos, video quality too seems to have improved significantly as as a result, thanks to Samsung’s new lightning fast Dual Pixel phase detection auto focus and f/1.7 aperture lens.

To get a feel for its movie making abilities, YouTube channel Ash Tailor decided to take the Galaxy S7 out on streets of London and even though it was filmed after dark — a challenge for any smartphone camera — the results are really quite stunning. Have a look for yourself in the embedded video above.

Although the mini doc was shot entirely with the Galaxy S7, keep in mind that 3rd party apps to control the exposure, white balance, and focus were also used, as well as hardware like a pistol grip and monopod to keep things relatively stable while filming. The movie’s creator also mentions that visual software effects like color style and grading were also done in post production. A combination of a handful of short clips, of course you can expect that any hiccups or inconsistencies during the filming process likely wound up on the cutting room floor.

Even considering all these things, the end results are still more than impressive and it’s clear that in the right hands, the Galaxy S7 is a beast of a video camera. We only hope Samsung can push a camera update that adds more manual options during video, allowing it to give devices like the LG V10 a run for its money. Don’t forget that we’re still a few days away from the Galaxy S7’s official launch and if you hurry, you can pre-order the phone and receive a free Samsung Gear VR for your troubles.

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