Mar 4th, 2016

HTC has already begun to stoke the fires of One M10 hype train, releasing a new teaser video talking about how obsessed they’ve become with building their best smartphone ever. The video ends with HTC using the hashtag “powerof10,” a clear indication they’re talking about their big flagship. But one thing we don’t know is exactly what they plan on calling the phone. HTC One M10? HTC M10? It could be even simpler than that.

Tipster extraordinaire @evleaks seems to have it on good authority that the phone wont be called either of those things, confirming rumors that HTC will not only be dropping the “One” branding from its name, but the “M” moniker as well. According to Blass, the phone will simply launch as the “ HTC 10.”

This could signal a new direction for the company who, let’s face it, is probably looking to distance themselves from last year’s One M9 flop as much as possible and a rebirth of HTC’s flagship line is something that is badly needed. We’re crossing our fingers they can get things back on track with the HTC 10 (as weird as it sounds), but they certainly have their competition cut out for them this year.


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