Samsung will pilot a phone leasing program for the Galaxy S7 March 11th


It’s long been rumored that Samsung is going to try and match Apple with a phone leasing program that’ll let you finance a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to pay off over the course of 24 months (and upgrade after 12, granted you trade the device in). While the company didn’t make that announcement at their big Galaxy S7 unveiling last week, ZDNet reports those plans are still in the cards.

The company will look to pilot the program in South Korea starting March 11th — the day the phone launches — with the help of local carriers. Users will have to apply for a Samsung credit card, and when approved they’ll have an interest-free 24-month installment to fulfill.

The plan should help users upgrade to new Samsung smartphones on a yearly basis while keeping upfront costs low. We’re not sure what Samsung will do after they finish testing it out. We imagine they’ll want to spread the service to other markets if testing proves successful, though there will obviously be a lot of challenges involved in launching it in the many different regions where the phone will be available.

Of course, folks in America will find similar leasing options available from their respective carriers, so if you don’t want to wait for Samsung then be sure to look into it.

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