You might be able to get new Samsung Galaxy smartphones on a lease soon


Leasing, financing and payment plans are all the rate in the United States mobile world these days. The carriers are all doing it in some shape or form, and even manufacturers like Apple are starting to provide users with easy path to frequent and convenient upgrades.

So it’s not at all odd to learn Samsung is thinking of doing the same. Forbes reports that the South Korean company is looking to launch a leasing program for their Samsung Galaxy smartphones at some point within the next few months, though with Apple’s recent announcements it’s suggested that timeline could be accelerated a considerable amount.

The details were scarce, but Samsung presumably will make it available for those who purchase top-line smartphones such as the Galaxy S6 or the Note 5. We also wouldn’t expect it far outside of the United States as smartphone leasing hasn’t caught on as a trend in many other regions just yet (nor is there any indication that it ever will).

The word “leasing” as it relates to paying money for a new smartphone is always one we’re cautious about being excited for. When you lease something, you don’t really own it — you’re just paying for the privilege to use it. Financing something is more ideal as long as the interest on payments is 0% or very close to it. And we all know paying outright is probably the best way to buy a phone, but it also isn’t the easiest route for those who don’t have much expendable income.

But if you don’t mind the potential pitfalls that come with leasing a phone (like having to fork it over when you want to get a different one) then it’s certainly something you should consider should Samsung go through with their plans.

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