LG G5’s Quick Cover case makes it easy to answer calls while the phone is covered [VIDEO]


The LG G5’s debut yesterday wasn’t without a ton of accessories for you to pick up alongside it. You had to guess one of those accessories would be a new Quick Cover folio case that gives substantial display protection while still allowing you to view the time, date and information on incoming calls and messages.

As with most of LG’s previous cases, the LG G5’s Quick Cover features a neat window where you’ll view most pertinent information. The new always-on display feature works seamlessly with this window to keep you updated on all your pertinent goings-on.

LG G5 Quick Cover DSC01466

The case features cut-outs for access to microphones and speakers so you can answer a call without having to swing the cover open, and that’s where the rest of this case shines through: the area below the Quick Cover window is see-through, and it’ll give you simple options for denying or answering a call when one comes in.

Slide your finger over your preferred action and you’re good to go. You could even turn the entire phone on for a quick (but dirty) look at your home screen and apps.

LG G5 Quick Cover DSC01448

It’s not the newest idea in the world, but it is a quality-of-life feature that’ll make it hard to consider going with any other case of similar form and function. Give it a full look in the video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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