Pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S7 will allow you to get the phone 3 days early


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There’s a new phone from Samsung coming out next week. Maybe you’ve heard about it. Of course, we’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7 (and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge). The leaks and rumors have been overwhelming. We expect nothing less from “the next big thing.” Retailers are already preparing for the insanity of a new Galaxy phone, which has lead to more leaked information.

The latest rumor could be a big one for diehard fans. According to Three, a carrier in the UK, people who pre-order the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will receive the phone 3 days before you can pick it up in a store. If the rumored March 11th release date is true, that would mean you could get it as early as March 8th. Pre-orders usually allow you to receive the device on the day they go on sale for everyone, but it’s a way to essentially save your spot in line. This would be a major incentive to order early.

Pre-orders are expected to go live on the same day the new phones are announced (February 21st). Companies love to use pre-orders as a way to let consumers buy a product before it’s actually available. If you can put money down for a product right away, you’re less likely to change your mind about it later. Receiving the device before everyone else would be a huge benefit. Would you pre-order the Galaxy S7 if you can get it early?

[via SamMobile]

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