Feb 19th, 2016

The LG G5’s “Magic Slot” for extending functionality is bound to have some cool uses down the line, but its primary block will be the standard LG G5 battery module that’ll ship with the phone. As we heard in previous rumors, the battery will slide in from the bottom, something that allows LG to make a metal unibody device without having to sacrifice qualities like a removable battery. We see that removable battery in the latest leak to hit the web.


Presumably you’ll be able to buy additional Magic Slot accessories down the line, and all of them will have to include a battery of some sort. One of the leaked ones we’ve heard about is a camera module that’ll include physical buttons for zoom, flash and shutter. It also includes a battery, though we’re not sure how much juice it’ll add, exactly.

LG is planning to release all the details we’ve craving at Mobile World Congress this Sunday, February 21st. We’ll be there to bring all the details right to you, so don’t miss it!


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