Another photo of the HTC One M10 allegedly leaked, this time in white


htc one m10 leak white

The HTC One M10 is looking a little bit different from the last time we saw it. It was (allegedly) leaked in the flesh earlier this month, but the gold version we initially saw had an oval — almost circular home button — on the front of it. This time around, @evleaks is giving us a leak at what he claims is the white model. Notice anything different? Yup, that home button/fingerprint sensor is much more elongated this time around.

While we’re not sure if that would make anyone doubt the legitimacy of the leak (there’s no telling where in the development stage the either leaked phone was when the photo was taken), we’ll leave the final judgement up to you. As for everything else, the buttons on the side and front facing camera are all matching up perfectly with the previous leak, so this could, in fact, be the real deal. We do find it odd how the metal sides of the device are black and the front is white, but we’re guessing this is because it’s a prototype device HTC hands out for testing (makes it easier to identify the leaker).

If this is the HTC One M10 in the flesh, would you consider picking one up?

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