Samsung’s pop-up shop in Barcelona sits right across the street from an Apple store


As they often do at these things, Samsung’s looking to open up a pop-up spot in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. We’re not exactly sure what it’s for just yet (previous uses were art studios, temporary stores and press lounges) but we know one thing: it sits right across the street from a local Apple Store.

samsung barcelona apple store

Samsung has never been shy in their marketing and antics. They’re not afraid to take the fight right to Apple’s front door, both figuratively and now literally.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has decided to wave their flag in front of their archrival’s store. The company graciously handed out water and pillows to folks in line at the iPhone 6S launch. Apple decided to take the high ground and not respond. And Samsung actually suffered a bit of a blowback: people dropped those nice, blue pillows on the ground and the internet made a mockery of it all.

No matter for Samsung, though: they’re still going to be beating their drums as loudly as they can be beaten, especially because they finally have smartphones that can match Apple’s in every category (and then some). We have just 4 more days to see everything laid out on the table.

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