Google Play Games’ new Gamer ID lets you create an online gaming persona


Google Play Games has always been great, but one of the things we never had was the option to create an identity separate to whatever happens to be on our Google+ account. Thankfully that changes today, with Google introducing Gamer IDs.


It’s simple: you can create a gamer name and select from over 40 gaming avatars to choose for yourself. It’s like Steam, Xbox Live or PSN, in that regard. Users can decide whether the people they play with will be able to see their real name or email address.

That isn’t all, either — we’re finally getting single sign-on for all games. Sign in once and you won’t be prompted to sign in for most other games you have or download in the future. It’s never been a huge pain, but it’s a nice quality of life change that’ll make gaming on Android all the better. You can reserve your Gamer ID in the updated Google Play Games app, and be fast because if someone else uses the one you want you won’t be able to get it!

[via Google]

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