Motorola is prepping smart dog collars, earbuds and activity cameras for MWC launch


Back at CES 2016, Motorola revealed VerveLife, a line of connected wearables to fit into a multitude of lifestyles. They aren’t smart watches — the Moto 360 line has you covered on that front for both fitness and fashion — but there are some interesting things here.


One of those things is a dog collar. We’re not sure how lucrative the smart dog collar business is, but the new product — dubbed the Verve Retrieve — is an IP67 water-resistant collar with GPS and cellular connectivity to make sure you can always find your dog. It’s not unlike a similar product based on Bintatone’s reference that Motorola showed off a couple of years ago:

The only big difference is the Verve Retrieve doesn’t offer up a camera to see what your dog is seeing. The user can also set up a “virtual fence” that’ll alert you whenever your pet is moving outside of your designated safe zone. The device will apparently be able to last 3 years before you need to replace it.

Moving on, Verve Cam is a sleek activity camera that looks like a DSLR camera lens. It can shoot up to 2.5K HD video at up to 30FPS, and comes with a wide range of accessories to help you attach it to anything you need. Motorola will provide software for easy video editing, live broadcasting and tools for sharing to social media.


The rest of the lineup isn’t quite as inspiring — they’re a collection of wireless headphones. Two of them (VerveRider and VerveLoop) are your traditional-style earbuds. They wrap around your neck and allow you to get your workout on without the hassle that comes with a heavy pair of cans.

Battery life ranges up to 12 hours depending on which exact models you get, and they’ll all offer up some form of water resistance so a jog in the rain shouldn’t be an issue.

Want to cut wires out entirely? That’s where the VerveOnes come in. It’s a pair of earbuds with each having its own set of batteries and wireless radios. Despite their small size, you can get up to 12 hours of battery life (and they’re easily chargeable in a portable charging case to use on the go).


Motorola should be revealing more information about these things at Mobile World Congress, and it’s there we might finally get pricing and release date information. Stay tuned (and sign up for more info) if any of this is of any interest to you.

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