T-Mobile’s Q4 2015: 2.1 million new customers, $297 in profit


T-Mobile has revealed their Q4 2015 numbers. The company continued adding a nice bundle of customers, with the number of new additions being 2.1 million, 1.3 million of which were post-paid additions. This is their third consecutive quarter reaching the 2 million mark. That brings T-Mobile’s annual total to 8.3 million new additions.

That performance continued to add to T-Mobile’s coffers with profit reaching $297 million on the quarter and $733 million on the year.

T-Mobile hasn’t had an easy go of it as of late, with their Binge On video streaming promotion drawing the angst of many a net neutrality proponents. Binge On, if you don’t know, allows users to watch supported video content without it counting toward their data. In exchange for the free data, T-Mobile opts to “optimize” the video, which in many cases means the quality is downgraded.

The company has been fighting to battle the commentary that their new service is the very definition of breaking net neutrality rules (the FCC doesn’t agree, by the way), and that it’s a bad feature in general. Things took a slight turn for the worst when John Legere’s oft-loved sharp tongue backfired on him and captured the negative attention of consumerist groups.

It certainly wasn’t a position that the CEO was used to in his tenure to now. Despite that, T-Mobile continues to post strong results and they’re still proving to be one of the better carriers overall in terms of customer satisfaction and value. Let’s see how they carry that momentum into 2016.

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