T-Mobile announces free video, doubles everyone’s data with Simple Choice Amped


T-Mobile has started announcing their Uncarrier X plans, and they have a lot of moves to make for the big 10 milestone. The first move they’ve announced is that they’re doubling everyone’s data. Those on 1GB, 3GB or 5GB of high speed data will now get 2GB, 6GB, and 10GB, respectively.

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They’re also announcing Family Match, which is a fancy way of saying this applies for each individual line on family plans, too. When families all choose the same amount of data they’ll get double the data across the board. But even if everyone wants different amounts, there are savings to be had — up to 25% for those mix and match scenarios, says T-Mobile.

The changes are scheduled to go live this Sunday, and to celebrate T-Mobile will be relaunching their 4th line free promotion for a limited time only. Good stuff there, folks. There’s some good news for those who are grandfathered into unlimited 4G LTE plans. You’ll now get 14GB of hotspot data compared to the previous cap of 7GB, and any videos watched on devices connected to your T-Mobile device will not go against your data thanks to the next big feature they’ve announced.

That feature’s name is Binge On. Video from select apps will not count toward your data. Some of the early partners on board include Netflix, HBO Now, Sling, HBO Go, Hulu, Watch ESPN, Showtime, Starz, Encore, Fox Sports, Crackle, Ustream and more. Like Music Freedom, T-Mobile is open to anyone and everyone joining up, too, so don’t be surprised to see this list expand over time.

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The company is also going a step forward and announcing a new video compression technology that’ll deliver all other content in a compressed, yet high-quality format that uses up to 3x less data than what the content would normally consume. All of this, and they’re promising that content will always be delivered in DVD quality or better. Of course, when grilled about whether you’ll ever get content in quality better than 480p at any point, T-Mobile simply waffled around the question and made jokes — take that for what you will. We’ll have to wait for the fine print on these new changes to see what, exactly, is in store.

Everything launches Sunday, November 15th for those on Simple Choice plans with at least 3GB or more (which should be nearly everyone), and anyone grandfathered into T-Mobile’s older plans will be able to get in on the fun starting Thursday, November 19th. Those on legacy plans less than 3GB won’t get free video streams, but they will still receive the benefit of the data compression technology that’ll apply to any video you watch on your phone.

T-Mobile says the goods will happen seamlessly and you won’t have to do anything — wake up, toggle the feature on in your MyT-Mobile app, and everything gets better. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all. Who’s excited?

[via T-Mobile]

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