Feb 17th, 2016

There was a shroud of uncertainty yesterday regarding a leaked promotional video for Samsung February 21st announcement. The video showed a Samsung phone being used in the elements — rain, to be specific — and we thought it was quasi-confirmation that the rumors of the Galaxy S7 being waterproof were true, except Samsung was stressing the fact that it was a dramatization.

But what explains the Tweet they just put up today? “That time when you couldn’t hold it together.” “Change your idea of what a phone can handle on 2.21.16 #TheNextGalaxy.” Those were the captions associated with a video that showed a girl dropping her phone into a swimming pool.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but that sure seems like an obvious way to tease that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be able to withstand a bit of water. What’s more interesting is that Samsung doesn’t seem to be taking a preference on how they portray its water-resistant qualities. The earlier video showed recreation. This one was accidental. We’re not sure how the marketing will play out in the end, of course, but Samsung’s intent on letting us know that a little splash won’t completely doom the Samsung Galaxy S7. 4 more days, folks.

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