Sport Illustrated Swimsuit app features ‘titillating’ 360-degree VR content, now available on Google Play


Sport Illustrated sparked some chatter around the net today after announcing that — “for the first time ever” — they would features 3 different models for their issue, each with their own cover. Making the cut is plus-sized model Ashley Graham, MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, and traditional model Hailey Clauson.

Before the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 issue can even hit newsstands, a new app for Android devices is hitting the Google Play Store. The application is free to download, and features a variety of scantily clad models, including those from their new 2016 issue.

SI Swimsuit 2016 app VR video

The best part is that, even though VR content is pretty scarce these days, SI is doing VR users a solid and releasing 5 free 360-degree sample videos, giving the viewer a full photo shoot experience as they were right there. You know, watching it — not actually being shot. The videos can be viewed in either “Cardboard” or “smartphone” mode, so even if you don’t have a Samsung Gear VR or a Mattel View-Master 3D, you can still get in on the action.

Update: Doesn’t appear to be Samsung Gear VR compatible. WTF?

If you’re looking for more than just the 5 free videos, they’ll run you $2 per video, or a single in-app purchase of $5 to unlock them all. Of course, if you’d prefer to view still photos like a caveman, you have that option too. Hey, it is free after all.

If you’re already paying for an SI subscription to the magazine, SI says you’ll get additional premium content for free, so the app is pretty much a no-brainer at that point. Just log in with your All Access info and you’ll be good to go. As for me, I’ll have to continue watching from the sidelines.

Download on Google Play: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

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