Huawei’s latest invite teases new device with a stylus for a Mobile World Congress 2016 unveiling


Huawei invite stylus

We already know Huawei is planning to introduce their “newest device” at Mobile World Congress this coming Sunday, February 21st (as will both LG and Samsung) but really didn’t have much to go on. But a new invite could be giving us our biggest clue yet: a stylus.

Published to his personal Weibo account today, Huawei CEO Richard Yu revealed the invite for Huawei’s upcoming MWC event with the tag line “A new style of business.” Get it? Style-us? It’s a stylus. So what is the actual device? It could be anything, but current rumors point to some kind of hybrid laptop launching as the Huawei Matebook.

Although not specifically Android-related, the business-focused laptop is said to feature a 12.9-inch display, Intel processor, and run Windows 10. We’re expecting premium pricing as the hybrid laptop sounds like it could be competing with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and new Apple MacBook.

[Weibo | via GSMArena]

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