Samsung formally begins rolling out Marshmallow for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


We knew Samsung was beta testing Marshmallow and even released stable testers in South Korea and Poland, but the company today made the formal announcement that Marshmallow for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is now rolling out (with other Galaxy devices to follow soon after). Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone will see it right away.

Samsung was sure to stay vague about release expectation for specific markets and regions in their press release, so we still don’t have an accurate idea for when the upgrades will start to be pushed out. Still, it’s nice to know that Samsung has finalized their build and is now focused on working with carriers to get the update prepped for each respective model.

There isn’t much changing with the update as far as Samsung’s bits are confirmed. There will be some small UI tweaks, but nothing major. The only exception is for the Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge Plus — they’re getting bigger Edge Apps so more information can be displayed.

Everything else changing is everything that comes with Android Marshmallow, including official fingerprint support, Doze mode and finer control over permissions.

[via Samsung]

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