Sony publishes its weather app on the Play Store for easier update control


In a trend that was started by Google, Sony has joined the parade of manufacturers to publish their software on the Play Store. Sony has just released their Weather application on the Play Store, updating it from the beta status that the application was in.

Google started publishing stock applications like the Dialer and Messages application on the Play Store to allow more fine-tuned control over the updates getting to users. Samsung currently has a few applications on the Play Store with the same premise in mind, allowing users to easily update their applications, versus having to download a system update.

The only folks who can actually download and use this application are those users with Sony devices, so unless you have an Xperia device, you won’t be able to get your hands on this. The beta program for Sony’s applications is still open, and will be the channel used to test out updates before they head to main application in the Play Store. If you have a Sony device and want to get the latest updates, head over to the Play Store and grab the updated Weather application.

[via Android Police]


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