HTC is still losing hundreds of millions, but they’re improving


HTC reported their 4th quarter 2015 numbers, and things are actually looking up. HTC did lose $101 million in the quarter, but it’s been steady improvement compared to Q2 and Q3 where they lost $252 million and $139 million, respectively.

The improvement stems from HTC’s organizational restructures, including layoffs and executive shuffles. The company also vowed to cut a significant bit of fat from their operations. Also contributing to the improvement is the HTC One A9, which HTC says is being well-received in Asia, the US and Europe (check out our review). The Desire line also received some props for carrying the load.

HTC is looking to take the momentum into 2016 by introducing a new flagship smartphone, launching an aggressive marketing campaign for the Under Arumor Healthbox, and getting one of the most impressive virtual reality experiences available into the hands of consumers.

[via HTC]

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