Google starts testing self-driving cars in Washington


google sel driving SUV

If you live in Washington, a Google Self-Driving may be driving next to you some day soon. Google has announced that they are expanding testing for self-driving cars to Kirkland, Washington. Google is already testing these cars in parts of California and Austin, Texas.

Google says they have logged 1.4 million miles in testing so far. They are hoping Kirkland will provide them with experience for “new environments, traffic patterns, and road conditions.” Locals will see the Lexus RX450h SUV (pictured above) driving in North Kirkland. If you are lucky enough to see one of these cars in action, visit this site to leave a note.

From Google:

After self-driving 1.4 million miles, we’re ready to give our cars more experience driving new environments, traffic patterns, and road conditions. (And we definitely don’t mind the waterfront views either!)

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