Fitbit reveals a new slim and elegant fitness tracker



Fitbit has just revealed their latest fitness tracker. It’s called the Alta, and it’s one of the best-looking trackers Fitbit has made. Fitbit’s lineup is comprised of powerful smartwatch-like trackers to small devices that clip on your pocket. The Alta is a mix between the Flex and Charge. It has a display, but not a big one, and you wear it on your wrist.

The most notable feature of the Alta is the design. It looks very slim and narrow. Like a Livestrong band with a small display. The display module merges seamlessly with the silicone band, which can be swapped out for a nicer metal or leather. As for the actual tracking, the Alta can do everything you’d expect from a Fitbit. It tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes. The Alta can also give you notifications for things like calls and texts.

You can pre-order the Alta for $129 right now. It’s available in black, blue, plum, and teal. For an extra $60 you can pre-order the pink or graphite leather band. $100 more will get you the stainless steel band. Shipments will start rolling out in early March. What do you think about the Fitbit Alta?

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