3D renders of the LG G5 give us a good idea of what to expect [VIDEO]


All the leaks and rumors to date have painted a very vivid picture of what to expect from the LG G5, but if stationary imagery isn’t enough to jog your imagination then perhaps a video of a 3D render will. The video comes from TechConfigurations, who put the render together based on specifications and leaks (which means this model is not based on official information obtained by the publication).

lg g5 render

Still, it does a nice job to paint an accurate picture of what’s to come. LG is likely to use metal for the LG G5, and they’ll be ditching the rear-facing volume buttons to place a fingerprint scanner on the rear. We’re also expecting dual cameras, a secondary display and a slide-out battery. You can read more about what we’re expecting to see out of the LG G5 right here.

The video is sitting above if you’re curious to see how this thing might look in motion, so take a look by hitting the play button.

Quentyn Kennemer
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