Jan 29th, 2016 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:06 pm

Amazon Prime Music isn’t exactly the bee’s knees right now. (Read our Amazon Prime Music review.) It comes included with the cost of your Amazon Prime membership, but it only offers up over 1 million tracks sparsely scattered across many genres. It’s not as easy to think of a song and listen to it as it is on, say, Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music.


But they could be looking to jump into the streaming arena in a serious way. The NYPost reports Amazon’s head of digital music is spearheading a new music subscription service from Amazon. The service would “ape” the likes of Apple Music and Spotify, and considering those are 2 of the top dogs in the business that’s a big claim. The subscription service would supposedly be a separate membership, though that comes as no surprise. 

Amazon certainly has the chops to not only pull this off, but pull it off right. The company has been in the digital music game for a very long time, with most of the popular tracks of yesterday, today and tomorrow able to be bought on an individual basis at their online store. Like Apple, Amazon can leverage their existing relationships with record labels to get off to a fast and strong start.

Color us excited. The report suggests we’ll be hearing the first details about the service in the fall, so there’s still a bit of time to enjoy your current favorite service before Amazon tries to pull you away.

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