Yahoo News update brings a more personalized news portal to your phone


Yahoo’s latest update should make it much more enjoyable and personal to use. The app — which primarily delivers the latest news and weather updates — has gotten a redesign to make it easier for you to read and discover content.

Yahoo app and homepage

The biggest change will come in the top-level design of the apps and website, with news being delivered to you without jumping from page to page. The news on your front page is delivered by a combination of author picks and stories that may interest you based on your reading habits. The app learns these habits over time simply by monitoring what you click, so there’s no manual profiling work to be done.

Beyond that, Yahoo also says their app will be more diligent in notifying you of updates to breaking news stories, so you won’t have to frantically refresh the app just to see if new information is coming in. The update is rolling out now on the web and at Google Play, so check it out whenever you get a chance.

PS: the Yahoo mail app is also getting a pretty decent update today. Here’s what’s new:

  • Customize Your Swipes: Whether you want to “star” messages, sort emails into folders, “archive” emails instead of delete, and more, you can now customize your swipes to perform your most-used actions.
  • New Multi-Select Toolbar Options: Now you can “star” and “mark as spam,” just tap on the “…” in the multi-select menu.
  • Take Action On Notifications, Even Before You Open the Mail App: Take action on incoming emails right in the notification for a faster and more seamless way to manage your emails.

Download that right here.

[via Yahoo]

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