The OnePlus X is now available to buy without an invite


OnePlus has announced that the OnePlus X is officially going off its invite-only purchase status — you can now buy one whenever you please! It hasn’t been that difficult to buy one lately, though — they’ve opened up sales every Tuesday — but it’s nice to know that the gates are open any day of the week. It took OnePlus even less time to reach this point than it did for the OnePlus 2, so they’ve certainly been making progress in their approach to production.

OnePlus X IMG_8017

The company is celebrating the news with a 20% off sale on select cases in their online store, something that should delight those of you who were looking to buy a case or 2 with their phone.

Oddly enough, they also managed to fit some bad news into this: the OnePlus PowerBank is getting a price hike from $15 to $19 in the US (other regions are also getting price hikes). The company supposedly lost money on every PowerBank sold to this point, so they feel it’s time to charge more. At least they’re being as upfront and honest about it as possible.

As for the OnePlus X, you can head right here to order one if you’re interested.

[via OnePlus]

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