Xiaomi looking to join Huawei in the dual-boot laptop game


Huawei isn’t the only mobile OEM looking to jump into the computing arena. Xiaomi is also supposedly planning to launch a tablet/laptop hybrid like the Microsoft Surface Book. Like Huawei’s model, Xiaomi reportedly will look to use a dual-boot system that can run Windows 10 or Android-based MIUI at any given time.

Xiaomi’s device will reportedly be 13 inches, which is a standard-sized netbook and comes close to the size of the iPad Pro when you’re talking about the tablet aspect of the combo.

xiaomi logo

It comes as no surprise that this trend is hiking. Even though ASUS and Microsoft have been doing stuff like this for years, Apple’s pseudo-entrance into the market (let’s be real: the iPad Pro can’t be considered a full-blown computing device) is going to prompt all major computer manufacturers to try their hand at it in some way, shape or form.

Unfortunately the details on Xiaomi’s plans aren’t yet available, but we imagine their big selling point — as it tends to be with all their products — will be affordability. Let’s just hope affordability doesn’t lead to a product of lower quality.

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