Facebook Sports Stadium makes it easy to talk about sporting events with your friends


Facebook today announced a nice new app to augment their world-leading social network. It’s Sports Stadium, a central place for friends to talk about sporting events with each other. Facebook’s goal is to emulate the feeling of sitting on the couch watching a game with your friends.

Screenshot 1 Matchup and Friends

They do so by grouping up posts and comments about sporting events into one interesting timeline. Whether it’s stuff from your friends or posts from journalists and the teams themselves, it’s all there. They’ll also serve up a live play-by-play recap of plays at the top of the timeline so you can stay up to date in the event that you aren’t actually watching the game, and information about the broadcast helps you find where to watch it.

Unfortunately the app is iOS-only for now (hence the iPhone shots you see above), but Facebook says they’ll be sure to bring it to other platforms in the weeks to come. It’s safe to say one of those platforms will be Android, so sit tight and we’ll have our crack at it before too long.

[via Facebook]

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