Netflix reminds us that a price hike is coming soon for all users


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Netflix announced quarterly earnings today, and they took the opportunity to remind users that a price increase is coming soon. In the last couple of years, Netflix has raised prices, but grandfathered users have been able to avoid the price hikes. Unfortunately, that will end in a few months. Existing users still at the $8 or $9 price will be bumped up to $10. If you’re okay without HD you can stick with the $8 “basic” package.

Netflix also talked about their growing subscriber base. They have nearly 45 million customers in the US and 75 million worldwide. Some of those users have even started paying extra for 4K content. Netflix plans to have 600 hours of original content this year. According to the CFO, Netflix will one day have more original content than licensed content. But that’s far from now, especially with a new deal with Disney starting this year. There’s also a rumor that the Simpson/Futurama creator is in talks to create a show.

Netflix may be a little more expensive than it used to be, but the service is still well worth the price. How many of you have a Netflix subscription? Will you keep it after the price is raised?

[via Engadget]

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