Netflix’s prices increase yet again


LastPass users may be worried about a potential price hike, but folks on the Netflix train have to actually deal with one in the here and now. Netflix has announced that they’ll be raising the price of their most popular plan by $1.

Netflix DSC06185

Here are the specifics:

  • The $9 per month plan that lets you stream on up to 2 devices simultaneously is now $10 for new members.
  • Members who signed up for this plan when it was $8 back in May 2014 will be moved to the $10 plan in May 2016.
  • Members who are on the $9 plan will be moved to the $10 plan in October 2016.
  • Meanwhile, a basic start option remains at $7.99, which unlimited non-HD access on up to 1 device. The Ultra HD option is $11.99, and supports up to 4 devices.

And that’s it. Netflix says the move was made so that they can continue to offer new content, whether that’s through the deals they’ve brokered with studios and networks, or the original content they’ve been committed to introducing (which have been great so far, mind you).

We never prefer a price hike, but $1 extra is reasonable, and even if Netflix seems to be losing more content than they’re adding these days they’re still commanding one of the most extensive subscription-driven video catalogs in the industry. Let’s hope this business move will be just what they need to take things to the next level.

[Netflix via Bloomberg]

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