Sony starts sending out Mobile World Congress invites, but for what?


Well, this was a tad unexpected. After skipping out on a separate event of their own at last year’s Mobile World Congress, Sony is sending invites to a February 22nd event at the 2016 show.

Not only is it unexpected because of last year, but because we’ve heard next to nothing coming from Sony in regards to 2016 plans for the mobile space. Are we getting a new phone? Surely it can’t be another major step in the Xperia Z line as we just got three such devices late last year. A tablet, perhaps? Sony hasn’t been very active on that front lately and perhaps it’s due time for another one.

The press conference may be a lowkey affair as it happens at their booth inside the main hall where Mobile World Congress takes place, so it could hint toward the launch of new mid-range or entry level options for the Xperia lineup. No matter what happens, though, we’ll be all ears, so be sure you’re around that day to find out what the Japanese company has up its sleeve.

[via XperiaBlog]

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