You can wear Samsung’s latest fitness watch on your chest if you wanted to [LEAK]


Samsung’s bioprocessor for fitness-focused wearables is likely to be championed by a product of their own, and newly leaked images of said product might have just leaked. This wearable — which is being modeled SM-R150 and uses the codename Triathlon internally — looks a lot like the sporty version of the Samsung Gear S2.


It has a round display just like it, and also seems to have a rotary dial bezel for navigating its UI. The Gear S2 had some light fitness features of its own thanks to its heart rate sensor, but the SM-R150 could take things a step further by monitoring water intake, body fat measurement and more.

The device can also supposedly be attached to a piece of clothing through the use of a separate attachment piece if you aren’t big on watches for whatever reason.


Unfortunately those are all the details we’ll get at this time. There’s no indication of whether the wearable will have all of the typical smart watch features like the Samsung Gear S2. If not, it could be a play to make the device cheaper and compete with the likes of Fitbit and Garmin. We imagine Samsung will at least give us a sneak peak of this thing at their Mobile World Congress event next month, so you’ll want to stick around in case anything breaks.

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