Buy a Nexus 6P and get a promo code for $50 off the Huawei Watch, can be used anytime before Sept 1st



Hot on the heels of the Nexus 5X’s new lower pricing (it’s been permanently discounted by $30), Huawei and Google are offering prospective Nexus 6P buyers an incentive on one of the hottest Android Wear devices: the Huawei Watch. More like a bundle, Google is giving new Nexus 6P buyers a $50 discount on the Huawei Watch between now and September 1st.

Not a bad deal, especially considering you don’t even have to purchase both at the same time. The discount is actual a promo code Google will email new 6P owners after their phone has shipped, meaning it can be used on the Watch any time within the next 8 months. Who knows, if you sit on this promo code long enough, it’s entirely possible the price of the Huawei Watch will drop by a few bucks before then.

Buy on Google Play: Nexus 6P + $50-off Huawei Watch promo code

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