Nexus 5X price officially cut to $350 in the Google Store


Nexus 5X new price 350

When the Nexus 5X first debuted at $380, something about the pricing felt like it was just a little too high for what was being offered. Fast forward a few months to a holiday promotion where we saw the 5X’s price dip as low as $330 for the 16GB model (the Nexus 6P too). Not a bad deal at all.

Today, it looks like Google and LG have come to an agreement, officially knocking the starting price down to $350 for the 16GB model or $400 for the 32GB version — a full $30 off. The language used in Google’s tweet makes it sound like this new starting price, so we don’t expect it to go up any time in the future.

But lower… it could always go a bit lower.

Buy on the Google Store: Nexus 5X

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