Netflix is now available in more than 130 new countries


Netflix has made the news official: they’re now fully global. The company expanded its reach to 130 new countries today, including countries like India and Russia. That adds to the 60+ countries Netflix was available in before today’s news, so most major countries (bar China) should now have access.

As with any multimedia subscription service, Netflix will differ from region to region in terms of content available. One example is that India currently only has around 700 titles available to view as opposed to the 4,000 titles those in North America and other regions have access to.

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The reason for these restrictions typically comes down to regional licensing issues. There may be deals in place that only cover specific regions, or Netflix may be unable to add certain shows and movies in areas due to existing licensing deals in place.

The company promises their goal to keep bringing as much content as they can will never waver, though, so if you’re confident in that then be sure to head to Netflix’s website to get started.

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