You can now pre-order the Oculus Rift for $600 — are you buying one? [POLL]


The Oculus Rift is officially up for pre-sale starting today, and we now have a few details we didn’t have before. You’ll obviously be curious about the price, and we won’t beat around the bush: it’s a hefty $600 investment to walk away with one of these when they launch later this year.

As much as it costs, though, Oculus Rift is supposed to offer up the most immersive and comprehensive virtual reality experience we’ve yet to see. Developers have been doing some great things with it in the early going, and it’ll only get better once the consumer launch hits.

oculus rift front

Don’t forget that the price tag also comes with an Xbox One controller (compatible with PC) and two games: EVE Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale. There’s one more detail that’s not so great: you can only buy one of these per customer, so if you were hoping to snag up a few you’ll have to wait until they’re more widely available.

Unfortunately we’re still not sure on an exact date, but Oculus is confident enough to place their eggs into the big “March 2016” basket, so the wait shouldn’t be terribly long. Are you going to pre-order one? Let us know with a vote in the poll below!

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