Stream LG’s CES 2016 press conference live right here


LG will be among the first companies to showoff their new good for CES 2016 with a press conference kicking off shortly at 11AM ET/8AM PT. Thankfully for those not in Las Vegas for the show, a livestream of the event will be made available via YouTube, which we are so kindly embedding below.

Along with their new K Series smartphones, LG will be showing off their latest advances in flexible OLED technology among other consumer device debuts. We also expect to see new UHD TV sets along with LG’s typical parade of advanced home appliances including everything from washers and dryers to refrigerators and more.

Will LG have any surprises up their sleeves for mobile enthusiasts? Last year brought us the impressive G Flex 2 handset. What might 2016 have in store?

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